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Be it a friendship or a love, if the person is worthy she will never be front or back, she will always be on your side. If you have to run behind then why is the person running away from you. The world revolves, everything changes all the time and is renewed, including the people in our lives. I just hope for the best and know how to recognize him when he is on your side online hookup.

But when Love is sincere it comes with a great friend, and when Friendship is concrete, it is full of love and affection. You kiss me, hug me and say you love me thousands of times a day and I will never get tired of it! Is it normal to need someone’s care to be happy?

DATING, LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP @OFICIAL has members. DEAR FRIENDS I made this group for you to find love and make new friends. Dating & Love and Friendship. 79 likes. I live in Tanquinho-ba I am single.

I need someone friendly enough to tell me the truth, even though I know, I can hate him for it. That insists on being loyal, simple and fair. I need a friend who accepts me as I am, and who really loves me! Log in Sign up. I am afraid to say that you are one of the people I love most in life, because there were few people that I ever said that, if I did.

But it’s the truth … You do me a damn good, calm me down, help me, give me affection and scolding when I need to. Date a guy who makes you smile at PMS! Treat your love as your best friend, and ready.

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